Wednesday, 29 July 2020

How to get my money back from my tour operator or airline

I bumped into a friend the other day who thanked me for some advice I had Small Claims court link   .
given back in April.  They were trying to get a refund from a No-frills carrier and had asked my advice.  I suggested issuing a summons in the small claims court, this is relatively easy but be aware there are a lot of companies advertising this and charging spurious extra fees so heres the HM governments official link 

My friend had there money refunded very quickly, it doesn't cost any more to name multiple defendants, so if there is more than one party, then name them as well, they will put pressure on the guilty party to ensure you get a prompt response.

If its a large company then your action will focus minds , but even if the company or individual is not trustworthy or solvent you can take things further by eventually send in bailiffs but you need to consider this is worthwhile.

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