Tuesday, 12 September 2017

EU passport check delays

Were you one of the unlucky tourists to be hit by the new EU passport checks which resulted in hours of delay at passport control?, where in the past most EU passports would be nodded through, the Eu has decreed that if you were unlucky enough to be a non schengen passport holder then a 2 minute per person computer check has to be carried out.  With aircraft averaging   180 passengers then you can work out the time to process a single aircraft, then assume that there are 5 arrivals a hour and you only have 2-3 immigration clerks then you can work out the issue.

Obviously employing more immigration staff would help, but some airports only have 5/6 booths maximum.

If you don't have to travel to the EU, then you could go to Non schengen EU countries (Eire, Denmark) or EEA countries (Norway, Iceland, Switzerland,Liechtenstein), or avoid the EU completely.

Non EU countries
Montenegro is maybe an option, Turkey  is extremely cheap and with the threat of Terrorism has depressed prices further.,  Tunisia is coming back, but again terrorism is a threat that depress's prices but also reduces demand

There are smaller airports that have less traffic which will help if you have transfer easily from them to your destination I'm thinking particularly Spanish destinations like Reus, Girona, Valancia, Serville, Cadiz, Almeria, Murcia)  .  But if your travelling to Palma, the only way to avoid that is go via an intermediate point like Madrid, Barcelona Amsterdam or Paris that have the extra immigration infrastructure and you enter the schengen zone via there.

With the Euro approaching possible parity to the pound and these type of issues I would recommend looking at the Black Sea resorts and Romania.  The quality is very good and prices are low and it's a non Euro destination.   WizzAir.com flys there from Luton to Constanza, also FlyLolo.com is looking to do a Southampton flight.  Also consider Bulgaria either flying to Varna or Bourgas.

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