Friday, 8 September 2017

Could Ryanair buy Monarch Airlines?

With all the talk of Michael O'Learys claim that Monarch and Norwegian airlines are in trouble, is there another underlying strategy at play.

Ryanair will need a UK AOC (Air Organisers Certificate) by March 2019, maybe even sooner if they want to be selling this by March 2018.  Monarch being a UK airline have this, they also have some fairly juicy assets, Gatwick slots and Engineering subsidiaries are a must for an airline.

Ryanair could launch a  Gatwick flight programme using the Gatwick slots and if Norwegian were not around it gives a perfect opportunity to make Gatwick a major departure point for Ryan Air

It's food for thought, no one knows whats going to happen until it happens, but you can see logic in the above theory!
Monarch engineering.

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