Friday, 1 May 2020

3 of The Best European Festivals in October

3 of the Best European Festivals in October
With so many European Festivals taking place during the month of October, we're introducing you to just 3 of the best.

Where : Valls, Spain
When : Late October

The town of Valls is located near the city of Barcelona, and its main square comes alive during late October when rival teams compete the create the biggest and most impressive human castle, or pyramid. Huge crowds congregate in the square, and pack balconies that overlook the scene of ever increasing towers toppling, or the youngest (and smallest) of the team claiming victory as he/she tops the castle.

Where : Perugia, Italy
When : 9 days in mid October

A chocolate lover's paradise for 9 days when the hilltop town of Perugia attracts over a million visitors who come here to eat and talk about all things chocolate. Complete with sculptors carving huge blocks of chocolate, beauty treatments using this sweet treat, food and drink stalls, and of course some of the finest handmade chocolates made while you watch. Buy a “ChocoCard” at the festival and benefit from discounted small items to sample.

Where : Munich, Germany
When : 16 days before the first Sunday in October

Munich plays host to the largest folk festival every year where a celebration of Bavarian beer and food is held. Over 6 million people will visit, taking their seats in one of the 14 hangar-sized tents and then perhaps moving on to the 100 or so smaller tents where specialist products can be sampled. Every 10 minutes you are reminded of the main reason for visiting this festival as the band strikes up One, Two, Three, Drink!

Today, it's relatively easy to reach the majority of places and experience so many festivals. Each month we will be bringing you our top 3 European Festivals, so watch for news of those happening during November.

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