Friday, 25 August 2017

Pound to Euro where to look for better value

Romania Black Sea coast (Hidden Gem).
The pound has slipped to below 1.09 this week and the likelihood with all the Brexit negotiations as a back drop means that there is a possibility of parity.

The obvious choice to look for the best value is to avoid Euro Destinations, if your talking about Winter sun then the options of Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt might appeal if you can get past the taint of threat of terrorism.

The canary islands because of their duty free status does give good value as alcohol is much cheaper even though you are purchasing in Euro's but an all inclusive deal could appeal as these were negotiated last year and the holiday companies to certain extent have hedged against the Euro.  

Also look at All Inclusive deals in Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic as well as the Maldives and Goa (India).

Winter Ski wise you could look to Poland, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Romania

For next years summer sun  the Black Sea Bulgaria (Fly to Bourgas or Varna), Romanian Black Sea coast  (Fly to Constanza) .  Turkey is on it's way back and will be fantastic value as well as Greece, although a Euro destination, because of the economic hardships has had deflation and is still cheap.  Also look at Montenegro as well as Croatia.

Getting there, you have the normal Low Cost airlines,,, currently flys to Constanza as well as Bulgaria and other eastern european destinations, is planning to operate a Southampton programme to Bulgaria, Greece, Romania, Croatia, Bari southern Italy and Spain.. The best search engine for fares is

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