Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Hold Baggage comparrison

AirEuropa B737-800.
Travel Advice Bureau has compared the different costs of baggage for No Frills airlines, it's not an easy task as there is no definite answer for each airline, many airlines operate a dynamic pricing where prices change from booking to booking driven by demand and load factor, so we have comparison of minimum and maximum.  Also it's a bit like comparing apples with pears, as some airlines offer bigger weights.

No-Frills Online bag costs for a bag in the hold
Vueling.com€8-16 Euros*€8-16 Euros*€8-16 Euros*
Air Europa FlyLolo.com£15£45N/A
British Airways BA.com£20-40*£20-40*£20-40*
* anything up to 23kgs

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