Tuesday, 4 July 2017

How to save money on inflight buy-on-board Catering

Airlines are now making Buy-on-board catering a profit centre in it's own right, with the increased security arrangements (no more than 100ml of liquid) this all plays into buying water whilst on board.

But you can purchase from Amazon.co.uk 100ml reusable bottles  a 3 pack costs GB £3.16 that can be filled and re-filled with different liquids Squash, Fruit Juice etc here is the link  Amazon Link

Of course if your organised enough, then make yourself a packed lunch, but also if you are on a longish flight the one thing I would take is a travel pillow particularly if your on a red eye

This can also be purchased from Amazon at £12.99  Flight Pillow Link  or there is a cheaper solid bead for £3.95 from Ebay Ebay Link .  Finally kids get bored, you can purchase colouring books from a poundshop which will keep them quiet for a while :-)    Here is an article on how to get free water air-side and where to find fountains at airports Free water
£3.95 from Ebay.

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