Tuesday, 18 July 2017

HS2 and why is it costing 15 x the cost of TGV per mile

Artish Impression of HS2.
The governments announcement of contractors for HS2 brings the issue of Infrastructure to forefront of public debate,

(1) Why 220mph and not 180Mph (As is TGV)?
Duplex double decker TGV.
(2) Are we allowing for Duplex trains like TGV (Eg are we building in the required head space of bridges)?
(3)  Why was this railway not about extra capacity but speed, which has dogged the project from the start?
(4) Why is HS2 costing 15 times the cost of TGV? well France has more space than the crowded UK, but 15 times the cost per mile?

I think the reason and it's typical of the Civil services approach to infrastructure projects, they make false assumptions and take wrong positions and then the Politicians don't ask the relevant questions at the concept stage. many politicians don't have practical experience in the working world, doesn't show!

Its a similar situation on Airports, we spend more money and time on lawyers rather than compensating residents for the inconvenience of new infrastructure,

Governments for the last 60 years have been trying to modernise the Civil Service, but they rely on the civil service to come up with the options.  One well known ex minister I speak to said to me that "the civil servants will come up with 3 options, two are suicidal and the third one is the one they you to choose"   It's a brave politician that goes against civil servants as they are soon briefed against via other politicians.

But of course the last closed shop is the legal profession, the one that Margaret Thatcher could not unravel, reason why?  half of politicians are either Lawyers or barristers.  As Sgt Fraser said in Dads Army "we are doomed"   to make the same mistakes over and over again!

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