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Top 10 facts about Tenerife you may not know

Top Ten Facts.

Tenerife is probably the most popular of the Canary Islands and is packed with interesting places to visit, and things to do.  Here's our top 10 facts about the island of Tenerife :

1. The emblematic flower of the island of Tenerife is the Bird of Paradise, or strelitzia.  This exotic orange and navy flower presents itself as a beak from the sturdy stems, and once one flower fades away, another is waiting to emerge.

2.  The Pyramids of Guimar in Tenerife are perhaps one of the oddest sights in the region. A mysterious collection of six stone structures, they were originally thought to be mere piles of stones. However, on careful inspection by Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl, they were found to be arranged in large steps with a ceremonial platform on top.

3.  In the small wine town of Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife, you will find the Drago Milenario (Thousand Year Old Dragon Tree).  This gigantic tree stands 17m high and has a diameter of 6m, and is within a protected garden.  How old is this tree? Probably around 600 years. Known for its magical properties, the resin of the tree turns red on contact with the air.

4. Vilaflor (flower town) is the highest village in the Canary Islands.  To date, the village remains unspoiled as most people tend to pass straight through it on their way to the National Park.  Linger for a while in Vilaflor's pine forests or visit the natural spring whose waters are bottled and sold all over Tenerife.

5.  Masca is a mountain village perched above a deep gorge.  Once a remote location, a road now leads to the village where visitors can then make their way down the gorge to the coastline below. However, be prepared for a long hike and ensure you're wearing suitable shoes and clothing.

6.  La Orotava in Tenerife is a jewel box of balconied facades, cobbled streets and wonderful historic buildings. Visit here during the Corpus Christi celebrations (usually in late May) to witness demonstrations of sand and flower pictures that cover the pavements. The best places centre around the Town Hall Square and the nearby streets.

7. Streets in Tenerife are often named after people and often they will be obscure local doctors, artists, sculptors, and politicians to name just a few.

8.  The cable car to the top of Mount Teide offers spectacular views of Tenerife's volcanic features, and takes visitors close to the summit of the mountain and is possibly the most painless way to ascend Teide and takes just 8 minutes to make the journey.

9.  From Castillo de San Miguel in Garachico, you will have views of the town below where you will clearly see the route taken by the lava of the volcanic eruption back in 1706 as it made its way down the cliffs to the sea.  You will see gardens and swimming pools constructed from the solidified lava.

10.  In Puerto de la Cruz you will find Plaza del Charco - full name being Plaza del Charco de los Camarones (Shrimp-Pod Square).  This reference is to days when the area surrounding the square used to fill with water at high tide and locals would then come here to fish for shrimp, 

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