Friday, 15 September 2017

Easyjet to launch Long Haul flights with airline partners

WestJet B767.
EasyJet have announced a linking up with Norwegian Airlines and WestJet of Canada, beating Ryanair to offer long haul flights to Asia, South and North America with Canada being served by Westjet.Com

The proposal is that Easyjet flights to and from London Gatwick  will feed into the long haul services of the long haul airlines and will have a guarantee of ensuring passengers if they miss their connection that they will be put on the following available flight. Passengers will be allowed a 2.5 hour connection time to ensure smooth running.

Bags will have to collected and handed to the Gatwick connects desk, so baggage will not be through booked as happens on other scheduled airlines, this might prove an unattractive aspect.

But the prices are expected to be competitive and a real challenge to British airways, KLM-AirFrance  and other legacy airlines

Norwegian Airlines fly Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft and Westjet fly Boeing 767

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