Friday, 30 June 2017

South East Runway debate & Manston Kent International

Manston Terminal.
I find it infuriating that the government has
spent so much money, time and
Manston Runway.
Aerial view with a large B747 in shot.
political capital in finding a solution to extra runway capacity in the South east when they are letting an existing airport close.

Manston (Kent International) has an excellent runway, one of the best in the UK, at 2,752M it outstrips other well known airports, Luton has 2180M, Southampton has 1733M  Gatwick has 3,048m Heathrow has two runways Northern 3,902m and Southern 3,658m. Manchester has 2,999 m

The airport is 4 miles from a railway and 18 miles from HS1 (Eurostar), a light railway could be built for approximately £30-40M per mile  

What annoys me is that the government turned down a project  to build a new approach road at £28M investment, but they are happy to pile in Billions to Heathrow when no one really locally wants it.  Thanet (Where Manston is) is an area that needs jobs and investment

It also has a small old terminal, but Bournemouth built a new Terminal for £13M,  so for an investment of circa £200M the government will have a new airport, with a rail link and a decent length runway in an area crying out for jobs, it's only 7 miles from the estuary, so Boris this is your estuary airport.

But Senior politicians have ignored this option, they are happy to spend billions on unwanted vanity projects,  My new company would fly from there if it opened

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