Thursday, 29 June 2017

Seat Pitches for Leisure airlines

Have you ever wondered what the seat pitches are on Leisure airlines from the UK
EasyJet on the       A319   is      29 inchs
Ryanair's               B737800      30 inches
ThomasCook         B757200 is  29-30 inches
ThomsonAirlines    B737800 is  28 inches
ThomsonAirlines    B757200 is  28 inches
British Airways       Various    is  30-31 inches
Monarch Airlines    Various    is  28-29 inches
Jet2 Airlines            Various   is  29 inches
CityJet Airlines      SuperJet  is   32 inches
Flybe Airlines           Various  is   30 inches
AirEuropa                B737800 is  30-31 inches    

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